Charleston Harbor Cruise

COMING SOON FOR 2017 Care to see Charleston without dying of heat stroke? Yes, it does get hot here in the summer, but fear not, we have a neat solution for this.  Jump on our daily*Charleston Harbor Cruise and see all the sights from the water without baking in the summer sweltering heat.

charleston harbor cruise

The 2.5 hour Charleston harbor cruise shows off all the beauty and charm that is Charleston, while relaxing sea breezes flow through the boat. Truth be told, it’s hot everywhere in the summer months, but trust me, it’s better on the water. History, scenery  and humorous anecdotes from a local tour guides, it’s 100% fun and appropriate for all ages. “Hey, that doesn’t equal 100!” you might say, but that’s ok. We’re here to show off Charleston and entertain you, not do math and other stupid things. Besides, there are other companies that do a proper “history” tour of the harbor. Too much history is dull, and we can’t have that.


As we sail away from the marina, you’ll immediately be in the Ashley River where the first European settlers landed in 1670. Just a short way further and you’re adjacent to the Charleston battery and all the beautiful homes on the battery. A quick left turn and you’re in full view of our famous and very photogenic bridge over Charleston Harbor. Head downstream and there lies the USS Yorktown, the famous WWII aircraft carrier in all her splendor, along with other warships from days gone by. And of course, we’ll swing by Forts Moultrie and For Sumter to complete our famous Charleston harbor cruise. But the fun isn’t over, because we have to tell you all about pirates that operated in these waters, as well as keep our eyes open for the Bottlenose Dolphins that inhabit this area. And yes, when we locate them, we’re going to make sure you get a dolphin show. Soft drinks and water are available on the boat for sale when I can remember to bring them, but feel free to pack a cooler with food and drink to keep your clan happy and healthy.

Charleston Harbor Cruise Prices:

Adults – $25.00

Children 12 and Under – $16.00

2 and Under – No Charge (just make sure you take them with you).

Summer Sunset from Sophie Valiulis on Vimeo.