2017 Eclipse Viewing on Morris Island

It’s a 3 hour trip out to uninhabited Morris Island for an absolutely unobstructed view of the Northwestern sky for the eclipse on August 21. On our 45m journey out to the island we’ll show off and tell you about some of Charleston’s scenic views as we head past the historic district, Ft. Johnson and Ft. Sumter. Once we land, take a stroll on Morris Island and search for seashells and sharks teeth during the countdown and then watch the eclipse occur from the south end, with nothing to block your view.

Once the eclipse has ended, we’ll hop back on board and leisurely cruise back to the marina while we play some chill tunes. Pack your cooler and bring your own adult beverages for this BYOB boat ride. That is, unless the world ends during this event, in that case, none of this really matters.

Eye protection is strongly encouraged for the eclipse, and is not furnished by Adventure Harbor Tours.

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