Charleston Harbor Cruise + Dolphin Quest

Need some fun without dying of heat stroke? Yes, it does get hot here in the summer, but fear not, we have a neat solution for this.  Jump on our daily Charleston Harbor Cruise and see all the sights from the water without baking in the summer sweltering heat.

charleston harbor cruise sunset


Our Charleston Harbor Cruise is 2+ hours of all the best sights, history and stories that Charleston has to offer. Why “2+ PLUS” hours? Because the currents in Charleston harbor can make the trip longer or shorter depending on the cycle. And if we like you, maybe we’ll stay out longer.

It’s one third history, one third taking in the sights, one third humorous anecdotes, one third watching for dolphins and one third chill and relaxing while the wind blows your cares away. What’s that equal? I don’t know, because I suck at math, but it definitely equals 100% family fun for all ages.

charleston harbor cruise - Fort Sumter

Dream about buying that yacht as we cruise by the Megadock where the big boats tie up. Get a perfect view from the boat of the big beautiful homes on the Battery and White Point Gardens, and by the way, its a vista you simply can’t get while you’re on land so bring those cameras! Marvel at the size of the Ravenel Bridge and the history of the USS Yorktown and other ships moored with her at Patriots Point. Then, we’ll motor towards the mouth of the harbor to view the Forts, including historic Sumter, where the American Civil War started.

Charleston harbor cruise - USS Yorktown

*Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins are frequently sighted (almost every day) and we’ll stop to show off everyone’s favorite river inhabitants when we find them. Please be aware, Dolphins are provided by Mother Nature, not us, but we have a very high success rate for finding them daily in the harbor. That said, windy, choppy days makes them harder to spot as they blend in with the waves.


My crew works very hard to make sure we DO find them on every trip.

 And it’s a live guide that you can interact with, not some recording on a loop! We’re here to show off Charleston and entertain you, not do math and other stupid things. Besides, there are other companies that do a proper “history” tour of the harbor. Too much history is dull, and we can’t have that.

Charleston Harbor Cruise - charleston battery view

Feel free to pack a cooler with food and drink to keep your clan happy and healthy.

**Please, for the consideration of both the crew and other guests, please refrain from talking during the tour while the guide is speaking. In between stops, feel free to Chatty-Cathy it up.

Charleston Harbor Cruise Spring Schedule: Thursday- Sunday*


If tickets are not available on our website it generally means the boat has been booked for another private event.

Charleston Harbor Cruise Prices:

Adults – $29.00

Children 12 and Under – $20.00

2 and Under – No Charge (just make sure you take them with you).


Please note: We must have at least 6 paying passengers for the Charleston Harbor Cruise. On trips with less than 6 customers may be given the option to move to a later trip or be refunded if there is not enough total passengers.

Until we get enough daily riders, tickets must be purchased beforehand by phone or online. We are not able to guarantee walk-up ticket sales.

Summer Sunset from Sophie Valiulis on Vimeo.


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