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The Morris Island boat tour is 3+ Hours total, 90 minutes on Morris Island (The tour formerly known as “Stormin’ the Beach”) So…what is the Morris Island boat tour all about? First things first-It’s a walking tour on Morris Island. Don’t sign up for this if  you aren’t comfortable walking approximately 2/3 of a mile! Of course, you can hang out on the boat with me if you don’t want to walk… Hop on one of our boats for a scenic trip out to Morris Island and catch some of the sights in Charleston Harbor. On the way out, one of our guides will do some show and tell, and give a summary about what to look for while you”re you’re on the beach. We’ll pass Fort Sumter, and share a bit of history with you while we’re at it. You might even see dolphins on the way out!  If we do, which usually happens,  of course we’re gonna stop and tell you about em… Once we land, your guide will then spend the next 90 minutes helping you search for beach treasure, as well and share some barrier island beach ecology, including tidal mechanics, the benefits of marsh areas and exploring the intertidal zone. You don”t have to walk with your guide, but your chances of finding treasure will go way up, BECAUSE WE’RE EXPERTS!

morris island boat tour

Whats so special about the Morris Island boat tour? Well, Morris Island is unspoiled, undeveloped and undeniably the ecological jewel of Charleston Harbor. It’s also rich in history, scenery and vibe. Go early enough and we might be the only ones there. No power, no homes, no buildings, no bridges to get out there. Just a barrier island as Mother Nature intended. Walking down towards “the old Charleston jetty”, reveals a set of rocks that acts like a big filter, and “helps” the treasure wash up on the beach. You never know, you might even find; civil war relics, old bullets or even a pirates treasure- Arghhhh, which of course you’ll have to share with us (think of it as our commission), or else its Davey Jones’ locker for you, matey. (Didn’t Davey Jones sing for “The Monkees”? Why does he have a locker? Why are pirates constantly threatening each other with this?)



Shark’s teeth, shells, even live members of the animal kingdom can be found, including sea birds, horseshoe crabs and other creatures of the sea. Your guide will be along to point out and inform you about any and everything you see. Scheduling the trips for this tour can be a bit complicated. We’d love to start every day at 9, but it’s not that simple. There are 2 low and 2 high tides every day. To confuse that even more, they scoot forwards about 1 hour every day. So if its high today at 10, its high tomorrow at 11. Get me? So, since we can rearrange our trips easier than we can control the tides, that’s why we have no schedule. That’s also why you have to call or book online for reservations – so that I know you’re going at the best time, and you don’t go home disappointed. Please be here 20 minutes prior to your trip. If you are 10 or more minutes late, we will have to reschedule you for another time, as you will be cutting into somebody else’s trip. We offer online ticketing and of course we take credit cards for the Morris Island boat tour. You can assume that if I say be there at 9, this really means 8:45. Bring anything you want, coolers, snacks,beer. Beer for the Captain is encouraged.

While Morris Island is spectacular, it’s not without its hazards . Stay out of the dunes, both for the sake of minimizing erosion and the effect on the wildlife, but more importantly for your feet! The interior of Morris Island is filled with brambles, sticker bushes, cactus and the occasional varmint. Also, there are no lifeguards anywhere out on the island, so swimming should be done elsewhere. Currents can be quite strong around Morris Island, so care is urged in water any deeper than your knees. Remember, it’s next stop Africa!

All this having been said, without a doubt, the best part of the Morris Island boat tour is the beach. Stick to that and you”ll be fine, we’ll be fine, everyone will be just fine. The Morris Island boat tours is approximately 3+ hours long. Don’t forget to bring your hat and your sunscreen; Carolina summers tend to be HOT, and if you’re not used to it, the sun can do a number on you. Also, bring your camera and a souvenir bag for the shells and sharks teeth you find.


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