Sunset Boat Cruise


A bit of truth here. When we started this sunset cruise, it was originally "Sunset Dolphin Cruise", but I used to worry myself sick over whether or not we would find dolphins. Thankfully, we never had a trip where that happened, but for the sake of my health we decided to tweak it, and bill it as a BYOB Sunset Cruise. That's when the phenomenon began!

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 Let me preface this by saying that weekday "WILD" trips aren't all that wild. They're totally family friendly and appropriate for all ages. But once we started advertising that we allow customers to bring coolers with adult beverages, the (weekend) floodgates opened and every bachelor and bachelorette party in town came along with us. Don't get me wrong, we love this (especially the bachelorettes), but let's face it. They're here to PARTY, not chill out on a relaxing boat ride while sipping on a preferred cocktail. Some did, but this was definitely the exception to the rule.

So during the week, don't be afraid to buy "WILD" tickets if you have your family along.

During the weekend, you definitely SHOULD BE AFRAID to buy "WILD" tickets if you  have your family along. (I'm halfway kidding, it's mostly just a bunch of drunk girls dancing)

During the weekend, if you have young kids along, buy "MILD" tickets, which are for all ages.

Please note, we MUST have 6 passengers to run a sunset cocktail cruise of either kind. If one boat has less than 6, it may be combined with the other to accommodate reasonable operations. Thanks!


Wild Sunset Cruise

Mild Sunset Cruise

So this year, Adventure Harbor Tours will be offering both a "Wild" sunset cruise for the partiers (Woot Woot) and a "Mild" Sunset cruise for everyone else on weekends. Click on the link that appeals to you most and join us for a 90 minute, super chill sunset cruise around Charleston Harbor.  Coolers welcome on both "Wild" and "Mild".

Prices Adults - 33.00

Children 12 and under - 25.00

Children under 2 - No Charge (Again, just take them when you leave)


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