Sunset Boat Cruise

Our 2 boats hold 12 people each and are perfect for scooting around the harbor!


Pack a cooler, bring the snacks and come on out for a 90m swingin' ride around the Harbor. Please note, this is less of a tour and more of a chill boat ride where you can soak up the scenery, watch for dolphins (happens all the time, but can't promise) and bask in the golden rays of the sunset at the end of the trip. Coolers are welcome, (drunken idiots are not) bring some snacks and if the vibe is right even cut a rug and groove to the tunes and dance the afternoon away.

Click on "Book Online Now" and browse the sailing schedule without having to buy. If a date is not showing up, it's probably sold out or has been booked with a private charter.

Last but not least, COVID has inspired us to temporarily reduce the capacity of the boats. Seats have been pulled back to 14, but sometimes (if you're all one group) we can make a few more fit. Call or email us with questions.


Wild Sunset Cruise

Mild Sunset Cruise

BE ADVISED! The "Wild" cruise can get pretty wild. Not recommended for children or young adults.

Prices Adults - 41.00

Children 12 and under - 27.00

Children under 2 - No Charge (Again, just take them when you leave)


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